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£60 first room & then £25 per additional room / area
Receive £10 off when you book in 3 + rooms / areas

Stain work, pile restoration and premium scented deodoriser included

Our high powered steam carpet extraction machines ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly, hygienically & dry fast after treatment. We carry out a multi stage carpet cleaning process outlined below which includes agitation/pile restoration (lifting of flattened carpet pile) using a counter rotating brush machine at no extra cost.  We are fully insured and NCCA approved carpet cleaners.



Using hot water extraction and specialist products we can clean your upholstery
£30 per seat area



Single – £35 per side
Double –  £45 per side
King – £55 per side
Super King – £65



Quote on request
We offer a variety of commercial carpet cleaning services including very low moisture methods to keep your business fresh & moving



We use UV light to detect any difficult to find urine stains/smells and have chemicals suitable to deal with urine on a variety of fibres



The cost of stainguard application is 50% of your carpet cleaning quote
It is always advisable to maintain stainguard on your carpet either applied with your clean or If you have had new carpets installed, we can offer you a StainGuard protection application to better protect your investment



 From £150



We can offer tenancy hand over carpet cleans at short notice, we can arrange to collect and deliver property keys etc

Booking FAQ & Our Carpet Cleaning Process

At Vortex Carpet Cleaning we guarantee you the best possible results by following a strict process on every single clean. We can move sofas on feet and some light furnishings where appropriate but please speak to us for further details. Large wardrobes/chests of drawers, TV stands etc, we cannot move.

We ask that any small items be moved from the floor (boxes, magazines, shoes etc.) and that children and pets be kept away from the areas to be cleaned while we are there.

We will require electricity supply, water and parking for your carpet clean. If you do not have a driveway at your property please do let us know so that we can discuss and try to make arrangements for you.

Please note due to traffic and variants in time required to complete the job before yours our arrival times are estimates only. We will contact you if we anticipate being more than 30 minutes late or early to your scheduled time.

Please allow an average of 45 minutes to an hour depending on soil load per area to be cleaned. Carpets will be ‘touch’ dry by the end of our process however we will supply you with an advice sheet on the day outlining our aftercare advice and some health and safety points to note, please do take the time to read this information. We can accept cash or card on completion of your carpet clean and a full receipt of services and payment made will be supplied. 

STEP 1 – Pre Inspection
Your clean will start with a thorough pre inspection to establish fibre type, level of soiling and construction of carpet. This will allow us to decide the best method and products to use. We will discuss any stains you are hoping to have removed.

STEP 2 – Pre vacuum
Your carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed with a powerful commercial grade turbine vacuum system to remove dry soils, this is an important first step.

STEP 3 – Furniture moving
We aim to clean as much surface area of your carpet as reasonably possible, sofas on feet, small tables, and chairs etc we can move. We will aim to clean under beds on legs with a smaller carpet cleaning tool. Any furniture that is moved will be left on special tabs that protect the carpets until they are fully dry.

STEP 4 – Pre treatment
Based on the initial inspection we will apply appropriate cleaning solution products to your carpet paying close attention to any specific stains as discussed. After application there will be a short dwell time for the product to work properly.

STEP 5 – Agitation
After the cleaning solution has had time to dwell, we then agitate the carpet fibres with a CRB (contra rotating brush) this massages the cleaning solutions deep into your carpets fibres and it is this step that really helps us achieve excellent results.

STEP 6 – Hot water extraction
Our powerful hot water extraction machine will rinse your carpets thoroughly of soils and cleaning product. We will rinse your carpets with a PH neutral rinse as this keeps your carpet in optimal condition and is perfectly safe for you and your family. We will use suction and air movers to ensure your carpets dry quickly.

STEP  7 – Post spot/stain work
The previous steps most often will be sufficient to remove the majority of stains and spots from your carpet. If any remain then we will begin advanced stain removal techniques which we will discuss with you at the time. Special chemicals, techniques and steam will remove most stains however not all stain removal can be guaranteed if the fibres have been dyed by the stain.

STEP 8 – Post clean groom
During cleaning a visible pattern is left on the carpet pile from extraction cleaning (the same as what you will notice when you hoover) we refer to this as ‘sharks teeth’. You can decide whether you would like to have this pattern left in place to dry or whether you would like the pile reset in one direction. This is customer personal preference.

STEP 9 – Post inspection
We will invite you to inspect the properties carpets with us and discuss any areas, feel free to take this opportunity to ask any further questions.

STEP 10 – Protection/scotch guard
We are able to offer you the application of a stainguard protection solution after your carpet clean. This will help to prevent stains between now and your next carpet clean by acting as a barrier. If you have a spillage with the protection on it will greatly increase the chances of you being able to absorb up that spillage without damage to the fibres. 

STEP 11 – Wrap up / payment
Once all the above steps have been carried out fully, we will supply you with your inspection paperwork, any necessary information/notes and then finally your bill. We operate transparent up front pricing that you will already be aware of, we will never add additional charges unless otherwise agreed for certain strain work etc.

We can accept cash or card on completion and you will be supplied with a full receipt of services and payment made. We are not currently VAT registered.



Our Carpet Cleaning Service is available in: Northampton, Towcester, Olney, Stony Stratford, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Cranfield, Marston Moretaine, Roade, Bromham, Haversham, Hanslope, Yardley Gobion, Woburn, and everywhere inbetween. If you are looking to use our carpet and oven cleaning service but live outside of our areas, please feel free to contact us as we can cover some other areas not listed on request.

Thank you for choosing Vortex Carpet Cleaning Milton Keynes & Vortex Carpet Cleaning Northampton